Atom Pro Fitness Roller Skate

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Professional skate for amateurs and hobby racers

It is becoming more and more popular to meet roller skaters in the city, outside the city on bike paths. A great form of trainings that is perhaps a combination of aerobics and cardio workouts. In addition, it can even be an alternative solution of transport.

The US roller skating manufacturer Atom has created a gap-filling combination that combines the benefits of speed roller skates with high-heeled fitness boots.

  1. Atom PRO Fitness Roller Skate Boots

A carbon fiber frame similar to professional boots has an extremely strong support frame that keeps the ankle safe, and also helps for novice the a more stable hold.

2. Striker Mark II aluminium frame

Striker mark II 4×90 / 3×110 mm

Premium 6061-T6 heat-treated aircraft aluminum frame is super light and long-lasting. Thanks to this professional rail, we get skates that can be easily varied, adjusted and easily installed and maintained.

3. Bionic ABEC 7 bearings

Competition grade oiled bearings

4. Atom Matrix 86a wheels

Atom Matrix 100 mm

Atom multi function wheels perform highly in all conditions.

This skate set can be a great trainer-running skate for either amateur competitions or everyday.

It stands out from the price category by using professional materials and parts. Thanks to this, it is available in 4 types of wheel variations in our webshop.