Zandstra 3M Polishing Triangle

Zandstra 3M Polishing Triangle

For the perfect and fast edge, the Zandstra 3M polishing triangle provides an easy solution.



Zandstra 3M – Speed Skating Polishing Triangle

Directions of use:

Put the skates in a jig. Start with moving the blue side of the triangle backwards and forwards slowly over the runners. Use the entire surface of the 3M abrasive strip during this action. When the friction decreases during the polishing (after approx. 1 minute) change over to the green side. When the resistance declines again after 1 minute, end with the pink side. When there is no friction one is ready. This process will take approxomatily 3 to 5 minutes in total. To make sure that the result is optimal you have to look at the gliding surface of the skate. If you see a “mirror” the result is optimal. If not, do the last (pink) or the second last (green) treatment again.