MPC Speed Skate Wheels

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MPC i.e. Mearthane Products Corporation, an American company, has been dealing with the technological development of polyurethane and the innovations of products made from it since 1965.

The essence of urethane technology is that the liquid material is shaped and solidified during compression technology.

In 1995, they patented and launched their multi-layer skate wheels.

MPC Speed was created as part of this long-established group of companies, where they are specifically engaged in the production and development of speed skate wheels. From their own developed raw materials and their own patented innovations.

All MPC wheels are made in Rhode Island, USA.

A team of chemists and engineers refines manufacturing processes to create the most consistent, top-quality wheels. The goal is to ensure the best possible driving characteristics of the wheels during the various surface conditions.

MPC’s patented multi-layer wheel technology the MTech®

The inner layer acts like a pneumatic tire, and the outer layer is a long-wearing urethane. The result is the best possible grip and rolling coefficient, with ideal flexibility and a firmer outer tread for better wear.

In our webshop, look for the Storm Surge rain wheels in different diameters and the Black Magic wheels developed for outdoor surfaces in 3 hardness levels.